BIO cremation or incineration by alkaline hydrolysis (also known as aqua cremation or green cremation), is a process that is carried out with water at temperatures between 150 °C and 180 °C.

To accelerate this process, Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) is added, which is an Active agent to break down biological material such as: proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates and lipids, in a sterile water-based solution composed of amino acids and sugars.

Benefits of BIO cremation or incineration by alkaline hydrolysis

  1. What nature in its normal process takes between 15 to 20 years to decompose, this system does in 3 hours
  2. The system is an accelerated version of natural decomposition and produces 8 times less CO2 than conventional cremation.
  3. Consumes a third of energy than normal cremation
  4. No mercury emissions (which pollute the environment so much)
  5. Neutralizes embalming fluid
  6. Destroy any disease (virus and bacteria)
  7. Returns to the ecosystem only the elemental organic building blocks of life