A drying oven is an equipment that applies heat at low or medium temperatures for a long period. Some of the most common applications are:

1 Paint drying

2 Drying of resins

3 Dehydration of flowers, plants and food

4 Sterilization

5 Pretreatment of parts

6 Curing of rubber and plastics

When a low or medium quantity of pieces is required to be dried, or the pieces are very bulky, Batch-type or box-type ovens are used. These are furnaces closed to the floor where the material will be entered manually. They can have front and rear doors to facilitate and accelerate the movement of the pieces. The geometry of these ovens allows parts of very different geometries and sizes to be dried.

Our ovens have air recirculation systems that save gas by not requiring heating of new air. They are made of rock and ceramic insulators with high thermal efficiency to avoid heat losses. Its temperature control is automatic so the customer only has to worry about entering the desired temperature.